I’m choosing you. Don’t you get it? I keep on choosing you, over and over and fucking over again.

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The worst moment in the world is thinking you’re not going to see anyone to know so you don’t bother even washing your hair and then you see 95% of everyone you know
me at night: tomorrow I’m going to start working on my six pack.
me in the morning: how many cinnamon rolls can I fit in my mouth.

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That’s the problem with being strong - people think they can say or do anything to you and you’re gonna still be standing, sturdy like a rock. People think that you’re never going to be sad, people think that you’re never going need them to be there for you, people expect you to be there for them round the clock even though you have your own battles to fight. That’s the problem with being strong.

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There’s a part of me that thinks I deserve to be sad.
Sometimes it is quiet.
And sometimes it is loud.
Tonight it is screaming.

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